Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Typical Dutch costume?

Dutch traditional costumes were worn by Dutch locals. Each province has its own traditional costumes. The most well-known type of dress came from the southern province of Volendam. These costumes are also the costumes you pose in at our photo studio.

In contrast to earlier periods, regional costumes are nowadays only worn in a small number of places in Zeeland, Spakenburg en Staphorst.

You can see all the costumes in the Dutch Costume Museum, which is located in the Same Canal house where the Dutch Costume Photo Studio is seated.

How does the photo work?

Make a photo in a typical Dutch folk costume! Dress up, seat yourself in the typical Dutch display and let our professional photographer take a posed picture. 

The pictures are printed on the spot so you can take them home straight away. A great souvenir of a nice break in Amsterdam.

Do we also get the picture in digital format?

No. Although if you like our Facebook like page, we will share and tag you in the picture, and you can use that picture afterwards.

We are a family and just want one picture

We have a special deal for families up to 2 adults and 3 kids: the Family ticket. This is one large (A4 size) picture for the total price of Eur 35,-.

We are a group, can we get a discount?

For groups over 10 people we offer 10% discount.

How long does a shoot usually take?

It depends how big the group is, but normally you can expect it to be approximately 15-20 minutes (small group) or 30-40 minutes (bigger groups). This is for the total photo shoot session, including printing.

We are with a wheelchair. Can we visit your studio?

Unfortunately the building is an official monument and due to monumental law, we are not allowed to make any adjustments to the building. The building itself has quite steep steps and unfortunately is not suitable for visitors in a wheelchair.

How do we get more information?

If you have any questions, feedback or complaints, please contact us on or send us a direct Facebook message on