House rules

  • Pets and other animals are not allowed inside, with the exception of guide dogs.
  • Youth aged 12 and under are allowed to visit the museum under the supervision of an adult.
  • It is not allowed to touch objects on display and exhibition materials such as showcases, lights, bulkheads etc., unless signage says otherwise. We ask parents or adult supervisors to be especially alert that objects are not touched by children in their company. Small children should be kept to the hand.
  • Consumption of food and drink you have brought yourself is not permitted within the museum.
  • Taking photographs in the museum is allowed, providing you do not use a flash or a tripod. Professional photographers should ask permission from the museum management in advance of their visit.
  • Big bags, umbrellas and rucksacks are not allowed in the museum.
  • Visiting the museum is at your own risk. The management cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or theft of personal belongings.